My Experience Touring Aboard Galeon Andalucia

The Manila-Acapulco galleons (Galeones de Manila-Acapulco) were Spanish trading ships that sailed once or twice per year across the Pacific Ocean – between Manila, Philippines and Acapulco, New Spain (now Mexico) between 1565 to 1815.

The Galleon Andalacia


The Galeon Andalucia, a replica of the 17th Century Galeon sailed and docked at Pier 13 in Manila Harbor last Oct. 6, 2010. This was in connection with the Dia del Galeon (Day of the Galleon) Festival. I had a chance to board Galeon Andalucia and toured around it and saw what it looked like aboard a galleon.

People on line getting on board the Galleon

view of the galleon from the rear

Once on board the Galleon, these are some of the things I saw:

at the deck

the riggings at the prow side

the riggings with Manila hemp for roping

the mess hall

The Galeon Andalucia

details of the parts of the galleon

artist's rendetion of the galleon

la camarote del capitan

another view of la camarote del capitan

the captain's bunk

official trade mark? or seal?

one of the canons mounted on Galeon Andalucia

another canon

engraved identification on the canons

one of the chests aboard

engraved markings on one of the chests aboard

Trying to steer, but it was difficult (ha!ha!ha!ha!):

navigational compass

the bell of Galeon Andalucia

the Galleon tilting to one side due to the waves

the stern of Galeon Andalucia

another view of the stern

Capt. Jack Sparrow, Pirate of the Caribbean - alike

a pose with the Capt. Jack Sparrow



friends are persons, too
they are the persons, who can accept you as what you are
who will understand your needs
who can help you
and in times of troubles,
whom you can confide to.
friends are very rare to find
you can’t just make everyone your “friends”
there are different kinds of friends
i mean… your true, real friend…
friends are not object to be possessed,
but persons to be cherished, loved and cared
so as not to break his/her personality and dignity.

and who is my real friend?
have i got one?
i don’t know
i haven’t realized yet
if i have a real friend
but i got so many friends.

A Mode of Transport Called Kuliglig

Bicycles are common mode of transport used by man. Then these are modified in various forms. In the Philippines, a sidecar is attached to the bicycle making this a tricycle powered by man’s own energy of cycling. These are called padyak or tri-sikad.

A Bicycle

A Trisikad

Then upgraded by using motor engines to power these padyak or trisikad. And these are commonly called kuliglig. The motor engines used are those used by fishing boats or bancas.

The motor engine used

A closer look at the motor engine

The kuliglig come in one form, but the design of the sidecar’s cover came in different forms and designs. Some has the owner’s family name designed on the cover, or  the religious affinity of the owner can be gleaned through the print’s on the design.

Owner's family name printed on the cover

Hispanized Name

Nicknames and Religious Sayings

Or major characters of a movie are also used to name a kuliglig.

Superman Kuliglig

Recently, there are plenty of kuligligs plying around the streets of Manila. Are these becoming a menace or help in economic development?